Asian Curry Dishes

Yellow, Red, Green or Massaman

  • Beef – €14.05
  • Chicken – €12.85
  • Prawn – €15.05
Baked Fillet of Salmon €13.65

Salmon with a sesame seed crust and served with a tomato sauce

Crispy Chicken €12.85

Breaded chicken breast served with a sweet and sour sauce on the side

Crispy Cod €12.90

Crispy cod served on a bed of sweet and sour vegetables

Indonesdian Lamb Rendang (Hot) €13.05

A slow cooked spicy thick curry, bursting with Asian flavour

Japanese Prawn Tempura €15.05

Prawns in a tempura batter with cucumber and tomato and served with a sweet chilli sauce

Kung Po Chicken €12.85

Wok fried crispy chicken with red bean curd and cashew nut sauce

Marinated Roast Pork €13.60

Stir fried five spice marinated loin of pork with Asian vegetables and hoi sin sauce

Miso and Lime Salmon €13.65

Baked salmon served with a sake, honey, garlic and lime sauce

Nasi Goreng €12.25

Indonesian rice dish with prawn, chicken and served with a fried egg and a grilled chicken sate

Pad Thai Chicken €12.85

The classic noodle dish from Thailand with crushed roast peanuts shallots and tamarind

Pad Thai Prawns €15.05

Clasic noodle dish from Thailand, with crushed roast peanuts. shallots and tamarind

Roast Half Duck €15.35

Slow roast half Duck served with a plum sauce

Scallops and King Prawns (Hot) €17.05

Wok fried with asparagus, mangetout, courgettes and ginger soy sauce

Singapore Noodles €12.25

Egg noodles wok fried with prawn, chicken, roast pork and Asian vegetables

Sizzling Peking Duck €15.35

Wok fried duck with Asian mixed vegetables, mushrooms and a Lemongrass orange sauce

Sizzling Roast Beef €14.05

Wok fried marinated beef with Asian mixed vegetables and lemongrass

Steamed Butterfly Sea Bass €15.10

Boned sea bass with mixed vegetables, ginger and lemon wih Shaoxing wine soy sauce

Stir Fried Beef Black Bean €14.05

Stir fried sirloin of beef, black bean and soy sauce

Stir Fried Beef with Chilli and Garlic €14.05

Stir fried sirloin of beef with chilli and garlic sauce

Stir Fried Chicken €12.85

Stir fried chicken breast with ginger and spring onions

Stir Fried King Prawns €15.05

Stir fried king prawns in a red curry sweet basil sauce

Stir Fried Roast Duck €15.35

Stir fried strips of marinated roast duck with plum and black bean sauce

Stir Fried Turkey Breast & Cashew Nut €12.60

Stir fried turkey breast with cashew nut and medium spicy tomato sauce

Stir Fried Turkey Breast Szechuan (Hot) €12.60

Stir fried turkey breast with a Szechuan red pepper sauce

Sweet Chilli Basil Chicke €12.85

Chicken stir fried and served with a sweet chilli and Thai holy basil sauce

Thai Style Bangkok Prawns (Hot) €15.05

Prawns and Asian vegetables in a hot, sour and spicy sauce

Tiger Prawns Farang €15.05

Stir fried tiger prawns with broccoli and mushrooms in a Lemongrass oyster sauce

Whole Butterfly Sea Bass €15.10

Boned sea bass served crispy and with saffron infused panang curry sauce

Wok Fried Prawn Szechaun (Hot) €15.05

Wok fried prawn with a Szechuan red pepper sauce

Asian Fries €2.95
Fried Noodles €2.55
Fried Rice €2.00
Fries €2.75
Prawn Crackers €1.95
Steamed Rice €2
Stir Fried Vegetables €2.75
Tossed Salad €2.95
Asian Glazed Chicken Wings €5.25

Sweet and savoury marinated marinated marinated wings in honey, garlic and five spice glaze

Barbequed Baby Back Ribs €5.35

Slow roast pork ribs with lemongrass barbeque sauce and mango mustard dip

Chicken Sate €5.25

Skewers of marinated chicken served with peanut sauce

Chicken Spring Roll €5.25

Served with a peanut and tamarind sauce

Lamb Martabak €5.25

A light pastry parcel filled with curry flavoured minced lamb with galangal sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid €5.60

Squid in a crispy salt and pepper crust and served with a sweet chilli sauce

Spicy Tomato Soup €5.10

Piquant Asian flavoured soup served with naan bread

Stir Fried Bok Choy €4.60

Wok fried bok choy with garlic soy sauce and fresh chillies

Thai Beef Salad (Hot) €5.85

Strips of Irish Angus Beef marinated in lime juice, coriander, mint and chilli

Thai Prawn and Salmon Cake €5.85

Served with Chilli Sauce

Tom Yum Chicken Talacy (H) €5.10

Thai Style “Tom Yum Chicken Talacy. Thailand’s favourite spicy clear soup prepared with chicken, lemongrass, lime leaves and corriander

Tossed Seasonal Salad €6.75

Seasonal salad wih Thai herbs and Lemongrass house dressing

Vegetable Spring Roll €4.10

Handmade and served with a lemongrass sweet chilli dip

Vegetable Tempura €4.10

Fresh vegetables in a light tempura batter served with a sweet chilli dip

Warm Chicken Salad (Hot) €5.25

Stir fried with chilli, lemongrass and coconut dressing

Thai Green or Red Vegetable Curry €10.05

Hot curry with beautiful flavours of Thai holy basil

Vegetable and Tofu €10.05

Stir fried asparagus, courgettes, mange tout, broccoli and mixed Asian vegetables with a sweet and sour sauce

Vegetable Japanese Noodles €10.05

Udon noodles wok fried with vegetables in a Japanese sauce

Vegetable Nasi Goreng €10.05

Indonesian style fried rice with vegetable and hot chilli soy sauce served with fried egg

Vegetable Singapore Noodles €10.05

Wok fried noodles with Asian vegetables

Vegetable Tempura €10.05

Fresh vegetables in a light tempura batter served with a sweet chilli Sauce