2 Courses for €18.50

Apple Crumble

Bramley Apples with a delicious breadcrumb base and cinnamon topping

Assorted Ice Cream

A selection of locally produced rich ice cream

Chocolate Cake

Delicious chocolate sponge with chocolate fondant and served with a scoop of ice cream

Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce

Light pastry filled with cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce

Baked Salmon €19.50

Fillet of salmon with our special house tomato sauce on the side

Lemon Chicken €17.85

Breaded chicken breast with a zesty lemon sauce

Marinated Roast Pork €18.60

Stir fried five spice marinated loin of pork with Asian vegetables and hoi sin sauce

Nasi Goreng €17.10

Indonesian rice dish with prawn, chicken and topped with a fried egg and a grilled chicken sate

Singapore Noodles €17.50

Egg noodles wok fried with prawn, chicken, roast pork and Asian vegetables

Stir Fried Beef with Chilli and Garlic €19.90

Stir fried sirloin of beef with chilli and garlic sauce

Stir Fried Turkey and Cashew Nut €17.85

Stir fried turkey breast with cashew nut and medium spicy tomato sauce

Thai Green Chicken Curry €17.85

Hot curry with beautiful flavours of Thai holy basil infused with Lemongrass

Baby Back Pork Ribs €7.75

Slow roast pork ribs with lemongrass barbecue sauce and mango mustard dip

Chicken Sate €6.95

Skewers of marinated chicken served with peanut sauce

Chicken Spring Roll €6.95

Handmade spring rolls served with peanut and tamarind sauce

Hot & Sour Tomato Soup €5.90

Piquant soup with Asian flavours

Lamb Martabak €7.50

Light pastry parcel filled with curry flavoured minced lamb with galangal sauce

Vegetable Spring Rolls €5.95

A classic Lemongrass starter, handmade and served with Asian BBQ sauce